Swiss Watch Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit has been the most popular fitness tracker for years. However it has always been a bit too bulky and not stylish enough for me, so I knew I wouldn’t wear it on the daily. But the convenience of tracking my activity on my wrist, motivating me to reach my daily goal, was something I really wanted!

At the same time I had been on the search for a new wristwatch as my last one had broken awhile back, so I began to wonder if I could find a stylish wristwatch that would do both. And then I found the Withing’s Activite – a beautiful waterproof swiss watch, that also tracks your steps. Access to the sleep monitoring and a whole range of other fitness features on the app are added bonuses that just make tracking personal health that much easier.

Although this is an investment piece, they do also offer more inexpensive options like the Withings Activite Steel, or the Pop which are still far more attractive than any other fitness trackers on the market.

Every time I check the time, I now also find myself checking my steps, determined to reach my daily goal of 10,000. I love this watch. Check it out.



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